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Interdisciplinary solutions in the digital world

Prototype.club is the future of swarm intelligence, linked to a clever HR machine with big marketing attention and a strong focus on real business opportunities: A curated, digital platform for efficient but easy industry knowledge transfer with an agile evaluation of scalable ideas through a professional social network with a direct chance for follow-up contracts.

Past Prototype.club events, like mobilitython.com or enerthon.com, including structuring of employee ideas and curated development of prototypes for new business ideas, have confirmed our approach.

Physical events, like e-world-prototype.club, mobilitython.com or enerthon.com, include structuring of employee ideas and curated development of prototypes for new business ideas.

Developer sprints are already standard for you but you want to have visibility with your open innovation apporaches. Your employees are at home in digitization. Now you need the network to further develop your ideas and prototypes 24/7 with like-minded professionals. Even beyond the boundaries of your industry:

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Prototype.club says it all:

We are in the early stage of the fourth industrial revolution with a focus on efficiency gains through digital process optimization - digital transformation and a strong commitment to the business. The upheaval is radical, exchange and cooperation go beyond the individual specialist groups. It is not enough to digitally copy well-known processes. You have to discard, change or even delete them completely!

How does it work? Companies address their today's challenges in digitization, we curate and address them in our expert's network and the solution will be developed and pitched within 10-14 days within the context of a large global trade fair like IAA, E-world, etc.

Only functional prototypes plus business models are allowed: No slides but prototypes!

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