Real challenges of digitalization.

Professional teams.

Customized prototypes.

The makes digitization tangible. During our high-profile sprints, you will experience how interaction with startups and experts is implemented in a results and mission-oriented form. In this way, real problems are already being solved today. With our innovation of the call for tenders, we place the brightest thinkers with the best solutions for your challenges in the field of digitization and automation - and all this within 14 days!

3 Responsibilities, 1 Solution:

Three missions of every company are

  • the further development of the core business, e.g. R&D

  • hiring qualified staff

  • public effective marketing

The aim is to steadily and rapidly expand the existing business area by digitalization - and to do so without neglecting the daily core business. has the solution for this big challenge.

We show you how it works

Fast, simple and media-effective

Solutions from the most innovative startups will be developed, presented and awarded in competitive mode for your individual challenges.

Define challenges

Selected partners address their digitalization challenges in the form of a challenge. scouts and prequalifies teams

According to their expertise, identifies interdisciplinary teams and startups to participate in the competition.

Virtual Kick-off

The prequalified teams receive their challenge and access to the virtual working platform about 2 weeks before the event.

Preperation and develpoment time

The teams work on their functional prototypes in the virtual space.


At appropriate events, the teams present their solution to a jury from your company and other experts. In parallel, the teams develop business plans.

Evaluation and award ceremony

Selection and awarding of the best teams at public events.

The further development of the product together with the business partners can get started.