The Competence Center for Innovative Procurement

The Competence Center for Innovative Procurement

KOINNO, the Competence Center for Innovative Procurement, is a vital initiative under the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Dedicated to fostering innovation within the public sector, KOINNO offers a range of services and support mechanisms to promote innovative procurement practices. At prototype.club, we share KOINNO’s mission and collaborate closely to advance our common goals, facilitating connections between startups and public sector buyers to drive innovation and create new opportunities in public procurement.

Results: Support for our public sector clients

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What does KOINNO do?

KOINNO, the Competence Center for Innovative Procurement, plays a pivotal role in promoting innovation within the public sector. Established by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, KOINNO offers a comprehensive suite of services and resources aimed at facilitating innovative procurement practices. These include workshops, seminars, one-on-one consultations, and an online toolbox. KOINNO also operates the KOINNOvationsplatz, providing a platform for startups and public organizations to list their offers and needs. Through these initiatives, KOINNO seeks to encourage public sector buyers to explore new solutions, broaden their horizons, and ultimately drive innovation forward.

How do they collaborate with prototype.club?

KOINNO and prototype.club collaborate closely through various channels to promote innovative procurement practices and facilitate connections between startups and public sector buyers. This collaboration includes joint participation at industry fairs and events, where they share a booth to provide advice and guidance to companies seeking innovative procurement solutions. Additionally, KOINNO provides valuable insights and expertise for interview and information materials distributed within the prototype.club network, helping to educate and inform. Most importantly, KOINNO acts as advising partner for public sector clients of prototype.club to ensure compliance with public procurement law. Through these collaborative efforts, KOINNO and prototype.club work hand in hand to drive innovation and foster meaningful connections in the public procurement ecosystem


What benefits arise from the collaboration?

Collaborating with KOINNO presents a mutually beneficial partnership for prototype.club and KOINNO. prototype.club gains access to KOINNO’s wealth of expertise and resources in innovative procurement, enhancing its ability to connect startups with public sector buyers and navigate complex procurement processes effectively. In return, KOINNO benefits from prototype.club’s extensive network and proven track record in facilitating successful collaborations, amplifying its efforts to promote innovation within the public sector. Trade fairs are a great way to showcase the collaboration and advice companies together. Together, prototype.club and KOINNO create a synergistic partnership that fosters greater innovation, efficiency, and transparency in public procurement, ultimately driving positive change and advancing the adoption of innovative solutions.

Watch the interview with Peter Schlösser, Project Manager at KOINNO, about their collaboration  with prototype.club