AGCO played a central role at Agritechnica 2023, hosting a challenge focused on „Multi-route optimization for autonomous infield machine collaboration.“ The goal was to enhance coordination in agricultural tasks.

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH stood out with a groundbreaking solution that not only impressed the jury but also aligned seamlessly with AGCO’s vision for the future of farming. Their optimized route not only considered speed and cost-effectiveness but also environmental factors. This collaboration highlights AGCO’s commitment to innovation and sustainable agriculture.

Developer sprints: 2023

Results: Follow-up contract for OmegaLamdaTech


What was the AGCO challenge about?

The AGCO challenge at Agritechnica 2023 revolved around „Multi-route optimization for autonomous infield machine collaboration.“ In the agricultural landscape, where tasks like plowing, sowing, and harvesting demand intricate coordination, the challenge sought innovative solutions. The aim was to replace uncoordinated movements of individual autonomous and manned machines in the field with a sophisticated system. This system would facilitate seamless interaction among several machines running in parallel and streamline their routes.

Harvest precision quest

The imperative lay in addressing the tight harvest window, requiring an efficient and synchronized harvest chain. AGCO, a global leader in agricultural equipment, sought a cutting-edge tool for effective communication and planning across diverse machines in the field.

What was the winning solution?

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH emerged victorious with their groundbreaking approach to „Multi-route optimization for autonomous infield machine collaboration.“ Their ingenious solution aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the entire harvest operation, integrating autonomous and human-driven machines seamlessly. The winning algorithm not only optimized routes for speed and cost-effectiveness but also factored in environmental considerations.

Revolutionizing agriculture through simulation

Visualized through a 2D simulation, the Farm Manager, Combine Operator, and Tractor Operator could interact effectively with the system. OmegaLambdaTec’s solution promised to revolutionize the agriculture industry, aligning with AGCO’s commitment to innovation and sustainable farming practices.


What is AGCO’s vision for agriculture in the future?

At the Agritechnica 2023, AGCO showcased its commitment to advancing agricultural technology and sustainability. Laszlo, a representative from AGCO, emphasized the importance of the DLG’s initiative in organizing hackathons. For AGCO, participating in such events is crucial for fostering innovation and addressing challenges in the agricultural sector.

The collaboration with brought together diverse teams to tackle AGCO’s challenge of „Multi-route optimization for autonomous infield machine collaboration.“ The event provided a platform for exchanging ideas, pushing the boundaries of technology, and potentially integrating groundbreaking solutions into AGCO’s future products.

What is the impact on Fendt’s technological landscape?

During the award ceremony at Agritechnica, Laszlo shed light on how the results of the hackathon could influence Fendt’s product development. AGCO, as the world leader in agricultural equipment, is always at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technologies. The challenge focused on optimizing the operations of multiple machines, both autonomous and human-driven, across the entire harvest process.

Laszlo expressed confidence that the winning algorithm, once ready, could become a pivotal component in updating Fendt’s physical and software products. This underscores AGCO’s commitment to integrating the latest innovations to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of their agricultural machinery.

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