As not only communication but also cooperation is crucial, we are in close contact with our Board of Experts. Dealing with current industry and economic issues is crucial for overcoming challenges. In addition to our own specialist knowledge, we are always curious to learn more about the practical experience of our experts in the sectors.

These insights enable us to take even more targeted action in various sectors and draw conclusions from them to create ever-growing added value for our platform.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Werth

Trailblazer in Science and Innovation

With his expertise as a lecturer, researcher, and Head of Multilateral Ecosystems and Digital Value Creation, he charts the course for our mission’s advancement.

Daniel’s diverse knowledge encompasses cutting-edge technologies ssuch as Internet of Things, genAI, Big Data, and Smart City initiatives, making them accessible for businesses and driving tangible value creation. His role exemplifies the fusion of scientific research with practical application, bridging academia and industry to propel innovation in the digital age.

As a member of advisory boards in start-ups, companies and associations, he is the perfect complement to the journey.

With outstanding knowledge in strategy and consulting, he actively supports, sharing his passion for sustainable growth and contributing his expertise to drive our mission forward.

Bringing experience from not only huge companies like Siemens, but also as managing partner in a financial advisory for growth businesses focused on startups and SME’s. He also is an expert in Industrial Automation, Renewable Energy, Transmission & Distribution, and Power Generation.

Kai Kölmel

Global Operations Expert & Entrepreneurial Leader

Dr. Rene Fassbender

Data Science luminary

Rene Fassbender, a Ph.D. holder in Astrophysics, illuminates our path in the realm of Data Science. Through his company, he is an expert in artificial intelligence and data-driven business modelling. With OmegaLambdaTec, which has already been three-times winners of our challenges, he is also passing on his experience to us in order to make it even more useful for start-ups.


Moreover, Rene empowers with cutting-edge insights and innovative approaches in the field of Data Science. Let’s keep it simple – Entrepreneur by profession, scientist at heart, visionary by passion.

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