SmartGrids BW

Platform for energy industry, politics and science

Platform for energy industry, politics and science

Smart Grids BW is a platform at the forefront of the energy industry, bringing together stakeholders from the energy sector, industry, politics, and academia. Their focus lies in intelligently connecting energy sources and engaging stakeholders to shape the future of energy. As a proud member of Smart Grids BW, collaborates closely with the platform to drive innovation and promote sustainable energy solutions.



What is SmartGrid BW’s focus?

Smart Grids BW is dedicated to advancing the integration of intelligent energy networks, with a focus on key areas such as smart meter rollout, e-mobility, smart neighborhoods, and sector coupling. Through initiatives such as Park4Flex, Bürger voller Energie, and the Smart Grids Roadmap Baden-Württemberg 2.0, Smart Grids BW leverages innovative technologies and collaborative partnerships to optimize energy management, enhance grid reliability, and facilitate the transition to sustainable energy solutions. Their efforts aim to foster a more interconnected and efficient energy ecosystem, paving the way for a greener and more resilient future.

How does the cooperation work?

The collaboration between Smart Grids BW and takes place through various channels and engagements. Both organizations actively participate in industry events, trade fairs, and congresses related to the energy sector, where Smart Grids BW often joins’s booth to engage with visitors and showcase innovative projects and initiatives. Additionally, members attend Smart Grids BW’s events and workshops, fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. The collaboration extends beyond physical events to include online interactions, joint projects, and knowledge-sharing initiatives, ensuring a dynamic and impactful partnership between the two organizations.


What are the benefits for SmartGrids BW and

The collaboration between Smart Grids BW and brings mutual benefits to both parties. For Smart Grids BW, the partnership provides access to a vibrant ecosystem of startups, innovative solutions, and industry expertise through’s network. This collaboration enhances Smart Grids BW’s ability to stay at the forefront of innovation and drive the adoption of intelligent energy networks. Conversely, gains valuable insights, resources, and opportunities for collaboration within the energy sector, bolstering its mission to facilitate connections between startups and industry stakeholders. Together, the collaboration strengthens both organizations‘ efforts in promoting sustainable energy solutions and driving the energy transition forward.