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Shaping the future of mobility together

Collaboration and innovation are the keys to reshaping the future of mobility. The partnership between TÜV NORD and played an important role in this. These two partners have advanced the industry by bringing together established companies and start-ups to find new solutions. The TÜV NORD Challenge at the International Motor Show (german: Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung),IAA, 2023 demonstrated how strong partnerships can support the development of mobility.

The TÜV NORD challenge, which took place in the dynamic environment of the, brought together visionary minds and industry leaders to solve a pressing problem: smarter inspections. With a focus on synchronising TÜV NORD with car dealerships and workshops, the challenge aimed to improve coordination, streamline processes and optimise deployment for a safer and more efficient mobility landscape.

„Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation, and the TÜV NORD Challenge epitomises this ethos. By harnessing the collective expertise and innovative power of both established companies and start-ups, we are driving real, tangible change in the mobility sector.“


Christian Schweizer, co-founder and CEO of

The challenge saw a flood of innovative ideas and solutions presented by participating companies such as, Arttac Solutions, Klaus Gradl, Blixify and eClever. However, studicon emerged as the winner and caught the attention of TÜV NORD with their unique approach to project realisation through young professionals and cutting-edge AI technology.

„The TÜV NORD Challenge demonstrated the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. The solutions presented not only address current challenges, but also pave the way for a safer, more efficient future of mobility inspections.“


Matthias Vaterrodt, Project Manager for Venture Clienting at TÜV NORD

The presence of Parliamentary State Secretary Daniela Kluckert underlined the significance of the event and emphasised the importance of sustainable digital infrastructures for the future of mobility. Kluckert’s engagement with participants and discussions on technological advances emphasised the commitment to promoting innovation and collaboration within the industry.

With its innovative approach, has established itself as a driving force in the industry and is setting new standards for corporate collaboration and open innovation.

Jessica Wrobel


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