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Connected for progress – How SmartGridsBW is transforming the energy sector

Smart grids – many people are now familiar with this term. But what does it really mean?

Simpy put, we are talking about intelligent energy grids, which describe a supply system that is intelligently controlled by means of digital components. The focus here is on control engineering in order to improve the utilization of existing networks.

As the energy industry offers great potential for sustainable expansion and we at aim to drive innovation, we are proud to be part of a network dedicated to solution-oriented approaches: Smart Grids-Plattform Baden-Württemberg e.V. 

Insights into SmartGridsBW with Dietmar Miller

We spoke to Dietmar Miller from SmartGridsBW at E-world energy & water 2024. This partnership marks an important milestone on our way to driving innovative solutions in the energy sector and actively shaping the future of the energy industry. But what exactly is SmartGridsBW and what makes this partnership so special? To give you a deeper insight, let’s take a look at what Dietmar Miller has to say about their work and goals.

„SmartGridsBW offers a platform for our members and for the energy industry in Baden-Württemberg in particular, but of course also beyond – where there are connections and the desire to work together.“

As an association, we act as a network and project partner and actually pick up our members where they see a need. What we actually do is support working groups in specific product development, at external trade fairs or in developing our own platform formats. We not only involve our members, but also actively work with them to help shape the digitalization of the future of energy.

Dietmar’s words capture the essence of what SmartGridsBW stands for: a platform for innovation and collaboration in the energy industry. Their work also reflects our own commitment: to provide a platform for innovative solutions and to shape the future of the energy sector. But what distinguishes SmartGridsBW different from conventional associations?

„Although we have a similar stakeholder structure, we are not an association. We are an intermediary. We bring different stakeholders together and enable them to jointly define the next steps for the energy transition.

Of course, we also make recommendations, such as the current SmartGrids Roadmap 2.0, which can guide the energy industry and describes the direction it should take in the coming years. However, these recommendations were defined by the stakeholders participating in the roadmap themselves – we shaped the process and the exchange.“

This distinction makes SmartGridsBW a unique partner for us at Having different stakeholders working together on solutions is a great way to look at problems from different perspectives. As representatives of open innovation, we are particularly pleased about this transdisciplinary exchange. But what do such collaborations look like in particular – what added value does SmartGrids BW offer its customers?

„We offer an open platform for discourse and also organize events, such as a format that deals with regulatory issues relating to the amendment of Section 14a EnWG. This topic is of interest to various players in the energy industry, and they can follow and help shape further developments in this area together. SmartGridsBW also provides input on the various potentials and hurdles in practical implementation.“ 

What sounds very specific is an issue for many stakeholders, and so the stakeholder group at SmartGridsBW is broadly diversified.

„Ultimately, we welcome anyone who wants to make a difference in the field of digitalization and the energy transition. From system operators and energy suppliers to software developers and planners. Sometimes it’s also local authorities who say “I’d like a solution to my problem now – how can you as a platform or your members help us as a local authority?”.

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A partnership with a Vision

SmartGridsBW thus networks the energy sector with industry, politics and science. With over 80 members, including, work is being carried out on sustainable projects, primarily in Baden-Württemberg (but also beyond).

At, we strive to make the most innovative solutions visible and feasible. Especially in the field of energy transition, groundbreaking solutions already exist today – and as is generally known, they should be implemented yesterday rather than tomorrow. Through our extensive experience with current challenges in the industry, we have gained valuable insights and new issues are constantly emerging in the field of energy management and SmartGridsBW provides us with significant and new insights into the energy industry, and together we are pursuing a central goal. Collaborations like this are important in order to achieve common goals.

The partnership with SmartGridsBW was taken to the next level at the beginning of 2024 with the election of our CEO Christian Schweizer to the Board of Directors! A great opportunity to actively work on specific application projects and contribute expertise from start-ups and science.


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