The enabler of the energy transition

The enabler of the energy transition

Powercloud is at the forefront of revolutionizing billing platforms, working collaboratively with customers and partners to shape the future of energy management. Their commitment to innovation and talent acquisition is evident through initiatives like the powercloud GmbH Speed Hackathon, where they engage with young professionals to address challenges such as credit scoring. With a focus on creating cutting-edge solutions and fostering partnerships, powercloud is leading the way in driving innovation within the energy sector

Developer sprints: E-word.prototype.club 2022

Results: Winner is Max Brüggemann


What was the powercloud hackathon about?

The challenge presented at the powercloud hackathon encompassed both technical and non-technical tasks. Participants were tasked with leveraging Powercloud’s event system to compute internal credit scores for customers, extracting relevant data from the customer lifecycle. Simultaneously, they had to develop a scoring system based on various customer lifecycle events and external credit scores. This involved defining events, determining derived information, and establishing a methodology for calculating internal credit scores. Participants were also required to ensure transparency and devise a strategy for continuous model improvement based on available customer data.

What did prototype.club deliver?

Prototype.club played a pivotal role in facilitating the powercloud hackathon, providing valuable support and resources to ensure its success. Through their expertise in organizing innovation competitions and fostering talent acquisition, prototype.club helped streamline the hackathon process and engage participants effectively. They provided logistical support, promotional efforts, and platform infrastructure for hosting the event, allowing participants to focus on tackling the challenge at hand. Additionally, prototype.club facilitated networking opportunities, connecting participants with industry experts and mentors to enhance their experience and maximize collaboration. Overall, prototype.club’s contribution was instrumental in driving innovation and fostering a dynamic environment for problem-solving and skill development.


What was the experience like for participants?

The powercloud hackathon provided participants with a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity in addressing real-world challenges faced by the energy industry. Participants were immersed in a collaborative environment, where they could leverage their technical expertise and innovative thinking to develop solutions for computing internal credit scores. Through hands-on experience and mentorship from industry professionals, participants gained invaluable insights into the complexities of energy management and customer relations. The hackathon served as a platform for networking, learning, and personal growth, empowering participants to make meaningful contributions to the energy sector. Read about the winner’s impression here.

What was the future impact of the hackathon?

The powercloud hackathon yielded promising outcomes and laid the groundwork for future collaboration between powercloud and prototype.club. The innovative solutions developed during the hackathon have the potential to enhance powercloud’s capabilities in credit scoring and customer relationship management, driving efficiency and effectiveness in energy management processes. Moving forward, powercloud and prototype.club are committed to exploring further opportunities for collaboration, including additional hackathons, innovation competitions, and joint initiatives aimed at advancing the energy sector. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, powercloud and prototype.club are poised to make significant strides in shaping the future of energy management and fostering innovation within the industry.