Startups and Talents Shine at the E-world 2022

Startups and talents from diverse backgrounds converged to present their prototypes, specifically designed to address the challenges set by esteemed partners including Die Netzwerkpartner, NEW, Stadtwerke Bonn & Pforzheim. The competition was fierce, with the best two teams ultimately earning recognition and awards for their outstanding contributions.

Logo e-world energy & water

The challenge was to develop a user-friendly, web-based energy management system that could be understood by anyone. The aim was to present and ideally also control the connection of predefined elements such as wall charging stations or heat pumps in a clear way. Among other things, this was to be achieved through the use of gamification and by presenting the CO2 footprint or energy savings.



Leading the pack, CoVerified emerged victorious by developing future-oriented, digital solutions for state, administration, and institutions. Following their success at Enerthon 2021, CoVerified secured the top spot at 2022, reinforcing their commitment to innovation.

Collaborating with CoVerified, excelled in optimizing the overall operation of district heating networks. Their approach, centered around data evaluation and measures for efficient heat generation, earned them a well-deserved victory in the challenge.

Another highlight at the E-world 2022 - powercloud speed hackathon

With the case “internal credit score” they provided two tasks:


The tech task involves utilizing Powercloud’s event system to compute an internal credit score for customers. Powercloud generates numerous events throughout the customer lifecycle, and the objective is to extract relevant data from these events. The task required creating a small service that rates these events according to a configurable schema, with a credit score calculation tied to specific customer IDs as an outcome. 


Developing a scoring system based on information in the customer lifecycle, including events such as contract conclusions, payment delays, reminders, installment plans and external credit scores from agencies such as Schufa and Crefo. Defining the events to be integrated, determining the information to be derived and establishing a methodology for calculating an internal credit score. The approach should be transparent and include a brief rationale for model definition and review. In addition, a strategy for continuous model improvement based on available data from the existing customer base is required.


E-world 2022 proved to be a melting pot of innovation, where startups, talents, and industry leaders converged to shape the future of energy management. CoVerified and’s victories underscored the industry’s commitment to pushing boundaries, while the challenges and hackathons showcased the collective talent pool’s ability to address complex issues. As we bid farewell to E-world 2022, the reverberations of these innovative endeavors are sure to resonate throughout the energy sector, setting the stage for a future defined by progress and sustainability.



Laura Kolnsberg

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