Maximilian Brüggemann

powercloud Speed Hackathon 2022
50Hertz Hackathon 2022

The goal of the powercloud speed hackathon was to identify qualified and suitable applicants for powercloud and its partners. Out of 300 participants, Max Brüggemann eventually made first place in the demanding challenge on credit scoring. After this experience, he definitely recommends this kind of events.
In 2022, his team took second place in their challenge in the 50Hertz hackathon.

Developer sprints: powercloud Speed Hackathon, 50Hertz Hackathon

Placings: 1st place powercloud, 2nd place 50Hertz

Interview about the powercloud Speed Hackathon

How did you come to participate in a speed hackathon and what is a speed hackathon in your eyes?

I participated in the speed hackathon because I hoped to learn something by doing it. I then actually came into contact with real issues in the energy industry. In my eyes, a speed hackathon is a good opportunity to try things out and take as many new impressions with you as possible. These can be impressions of current tasks in the energy industry, but also of the companies that set the challenges.

It is very interesting to have a small project as part of a speed hackathon, where the solution is described quite clearly, but the path to the solution is given to you at your own choice. This then requires creativity and putting yourself in the shoes of the customer (in that case, the challenge owner). You will probably come across situations like this more often in the working life.

How did you experience the speed hackathon?

Registration was very easy. On site everything also worked very well, there was delicious food and drinks. The contact with is also very positive. The fact that no application letter is needed first makes the competition easily accessible! Next time I will definitely compete as a team, as the creative parts like developing concepts etc. will probably be even more fun that way.

Would you recommend events like this to others and if so, why?

Definitely! Contact can be made with companies. In the case of powercloud, the right contacts were even at the booth during the hackathon. An invitation to Leipzig to their office is also on the cards in the future. In addition, as already described above, it is a good opportunity to try things out for yourself. Even though winning is nice, of course, participating in such events is actually worth much more because you can both learn and network.

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