CoVerified was founded in May 2021. A few months later, they took part in the TransnetBW challenge at the Enerthon 2021 for the first time. They not only won a follow-up contract and €4,000 in prize money, but their work for TransnetBW was even displayed at HANNOVER MESSE.
At 2022, they could also convince the jury consisting of Die Netzwerkpartner, SWP Stadtwerke Pforzheim GmbH & Co. KG, Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH and NEW-Gruppe.

Developer sprints: Enerthon 2021, 2022

Placings: 1st place Enerthon,
1st place


How did you come to participate in the Enerthon?

Our participation in the Enerthon organized by was a complete success for us as a team and as a still young company. We had just founded the GmbH with CoVerified in May 2021 when we became aware of the Enerthon. Within just two weeks, we won €4,000 in prize money, a big contract and TransnetBW as a great customer with whom we are still working. That gave us a huge boost as a company.

We were very attracted by the exciting topics and the hybrid format. The Deutsche Energieagentur dena and TransnetBW were looking for innovative solutions to internal problems and the announced them as a challenge. We received the challenges online and worked on them daily. The organization and communication with the was super pleasant for us. Because of the possibility to pitch onsite or virtually, international teams could also participate and we as a remote company could act very flexibly.

How did you experience the developer sprint?

During the 14-day developer sprint, we not only got to know other interesting teams, but also learned a lot about ourselves: We can work together super productively and realize great ideas and present them convincingly even under great time pressure. This motivated and bonded us as a team and as a young company.

The finale at the Energiewendekongress was very exciting for us! It was an outstanding opportunity for us as a startup to pitch at the trade fair and present our prototype. Presenting onsite, meeting the other teams and the sponsors, keeping our fingers crossed. When in the end our idea was selected by the jury and we prevailed against a total of 12 other teams, the joy was indescribable!

How did things continue after the Enerthon?

We were able to convince TransnetBW with our interactive DA/RE map, which works both in the internal area as a backend tool and to explain DA/RE to the public. Afterwards we got the order not only for the map but also for the additional marketing campaign including our own DA/RE game. This presented us with a bit of a challenge at first, as we had never developed a game together before. But we mastered this challenge and grew in competence and experience.

Now our work for TransnetBW will be on display at the HANNOVER MESSE. And there’s simply no better feeling than when your idea is actually implemented.

The experience of participating in an innovation competition of the was very valuable for us. We are very happy about the support and motivation we received from all the time and definitely plan to participate in more events like the at the E-world in Essen in June and the IAA Mobilitython in September.