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Prototype.club comes from the "loomr" idea!

"Loom" stands for inventiveness:

The invention of the mechanical loom called Power Loom was a fundamental element of the industrial revolution and a result of agile innovation, constant exchange between inventors and rapid prototyping on the way to the perfect product. Exactly this spirit is missing in the industry today: sneakers and chic pitch decks are by no means a successful product: hard work and continuous improvement through constant feedback need like-minded inventors with a professional background. Exactly this network and mindset is Loomr.io

In 1785 the Englishman Edmund Cartwright received his first patent for a weaving machine, but it still had to be driven by hand. In 1786 he applied for a patent for a further development of his machine: A new mechanical drive was used for the moving parts of the loom. A further development made it possible to operate the loom with steam. This machine became famous as the Power Loom. In 1787 Cartwright opened his own weaving mill, in which Power Looms were used. The inventor and clergyman Edmund Cartwright died on October 30, 1823 in Kent, England. 250,000 of his invention, the Power Loom, were sold in England.

"r" stands for the reflection and revolution

Industrialization also posed the so-called social question: These thoughts ultimately led to extensive legislation in the social field as we know it today in Europe. And the question still arises today of how society feels about people whose labor is needed more elsewhere because machines can do much more.
Here, too, prototype.club would like to be the platform to find answers so that digitization is in the service of, not against, people

We also need a revolution in the area of the procurement: Many companies no longer even know which service provider is even able to solve their digital challenges and how to evaluate. Hence our credo: No slides but prototypes!

Team prototype.club

Founder of the deep tech company builder The Impact Farm (www.theimpact.farm), which focuses on data science and data analysis in manufacturing, healthcare and the energy world.

Head of Steinbeis Academy of Energy Economics, Venture Partner at The Impact Farm and former regulation expert at TransnetBW.