In the E-world energy & water.prototype.club 2022, Die Netzwerkpartner, NEW, Stadtwerke Bonn and Stadtwerke Pforzheim challenged the participants to develop a prototype of a simple, web-based energy management system. Zentur.io and CoVerified both made first place.

Developer sprints: E-world.prototype.club 2022

Placings: 1st place E-world.prototype.club

What is Zentur.io doing?

Zentur.io is a provider of software-as-a-service solutions for district heating utilities and supports them in the transition to sustainable and digital district heating grids. The platform provides a high level of transparency for consumers and enables more efficient operational management of the networks. By using Zentur.io, natural energy resources can be saved. In addition, the company’s simulation solution supports district heating suppliers in planning the transition to renewable energies.

Why did you participate in the E-world.prototype.club?

We liked the idea of prototyping solutions and receiving direct customer feedback. After founding Zentur.io in August 2021, we were looking for orders. E-world.prototype.club seemed like a great opportunity to get commissioned and get in contact with established companies. Looking back, we can say the developer sprint was a springboard for us. We could extend our team from two to seven employees and have a good order situation today.

Another aspect worth mentioning is how the developer sprints hosted by prototype.club differentiate themselves from classic hackathons: While working on real life challenges from established companies has a huge learning effect for future projects, the prospect of winning a follow-up order is the biggest motivation factor as this is what it comes down to in the end for every company.

How did Zentur.io experience the E-world.prototype.club?

Through our presence at the trade fair, we were able to find important contacts that are currently helping us a great deal. For example, we were able to get Enpulse as an accelerator on board. We also really liked the fair and transparent process of the competition.

You got a scholarship from Enpulse. How is the collaboration going?

The cooperation runs very professionally and supports us through strategic sparring, in the basic financing of the founders and piloting with energy suppliers.

How do you see the future of the energy industry and your role in it?

The energy world must become greener. The prerequisite for this is a digital infrastructure that allows the existing system to be operated as optimally as possible in the first step and, in the second step, makes it possible to switch to renewable energies on the basis of data. Zentur.io will play a central role as an enabler for digital and green district heating grids and enable utilities to make this transformation.

What advantages do you see in prototype.club’s concept putting the challenge first?

Starting from a concrete challenge and knowing the desired outcome makes the process of developing a prototype just way more efficient. On top of that, the direct customer feedback is great and valuable and offers starting points for direct commissioning or piloting of the approaches.

Would you recommend developer sprints like E-world.prototype.club?

Customer centricity should be a high priority for any startup. This is the only way to generate added value with products. prototype.club’s challenges offer a very good basis for this, and teams that are pursuing approaches in the challenge areas should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to present themselves and turn theory into practice.