At E-world energy & water 2023, prototype.club teamed up with EnBW to tackle the challenge of modernizing solar park inspections. This partnership brought together industry leaders and innovators to reimagine the future of energy efficiency. The jury from EnBW joined us at the event, witnessing firsthand the ingenuity and creativity of participants as they presented their groundbreaking solutions. Explore this page to delve into the journey of innovation and collaboration that defined the EnBW challenge at E-world.prototype.club.

Developer sprints: E-world.prototype.club 2023

Results: Follow-up contract for winner DiAvEn UG


What was the challenge background?

The challenge background revolves around the imperative need to modernize the inspection processes for solar parks. Currently, these inspections demand significant manpower and resources, leading to high costs and delays in defect detection. With distributed PV parks, skilled workers spend considerable time commuting, resulting in inefficiencies. Moreover, periodic inspections contribute to revenue loss due to delayed defect identification and underutilization of optimization potentials. However, advancements in drone technology offer promising solutions. The rapid development of drones, sensors, and related hardware presents an opportunity to automate inspections, optimize resource utilization, and enhance overall efficiency in solar park maintenance.

What was the challenge about?

The EnBW challenge at E-world energy and water 2023 centered on revolutionizing solar park inspections through the strategic utilization of commercially available drones. Participants were tasked with conceptualizing solutions to enable automated, efficient, and cost-effective inspections. The primary objective was to enhance automation, ensure continuous availability, and optimize resource utilization in the inspection process. By leveraging the latest advancements in drone technology, participants aimed to develop innovative solutions that would streamline inspection processes, expedite defect detection, and ultimately contribute to maximizing the operational efficiency and profitability of solar park management.

What was the winning solution?

The winning solution, developed by DiAvEn UG, offered a groundbreaking approach to solar park inspections. Leveraging cutting-edge drone technology, their solution provided a fully automated inspection process, ensuring continuous monitoring and swift defect detection. By integrating advanced sensors and software systems, DiAvEn UG’s solution not only optimized resource utilization but also minimized downtime and maximized operational efficiency. Their innovative approach promised significant cost savings, enhanced safety measures, and unparalleled accuracy in solar park maintenance, marking a milestone in the evolution of inspection methodologies.

Driving innovation forward

The EnBW challenge at E-world energy and water 2023 not only showcased the prowess of participants in addressing pressing industry challenges but also underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in the energy sector. By fostering an environment of creativity and ingenuity, prototype.club continues to serve as a catalyst for groundbreaking solutions that drive progress and sustainability. The success of the EnBW challenge exemplifies the transformative potential of collaborative efforts in shaping the future of energy production and management.