Towards a future with sustainable energy


The E-world energy & water 2023, as the leading trade fair for the energy and water industry in Europe, presented groundbreaking innovations and promoted collaboration in the dynamic landscape of energy technology. The, had once again become a hub for creativity, networking, and solution finding this year.

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The importance of sustainable solutions for energy generation came under the spotlight this year, as the global challenges in the energy sector urgently require sustainable approaches. From designing market entry strategies for electric vehicle charging to presenting drone deployments for inspecting solar parks and developing innovative business models in the hydrogen sector – the challenges are diverse and future-oriented.

Besides the exciting challenges we had another highlight, which was the I/O Energy Tech Forum, the first exclusive conference aimed specifically at CTOs, CDOs, CIOs and developers. With various exciting panels such as „Smart Grid & AI: Is efficient energy management possible without it?“ and „Hydrogen and beyond: Efficient energy production, transportation and storage“, we were able to attract top-class speakers. At this point, our sincere thanks go to all speakers for the exciting discussions and insights.

TransnetBW Challenge

– Market entry strategy in the context of electric vehicle charging in a roaming-free setting


Envision a world where charging your electric vehicle seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. The TransnetBW challenge invites participants to devise a market entry strategy for BANULA, an innovative concept in the realm of electromobility. The challenge encompasses a thorough analysis of the environment and key stakeholders, alongside the formulation of strategic measures and initial product definitions.


BANULA’s Disruptive Approach

Traditionally, operators of electric vehicle charging infrastructure heavily invest in expanding charging stations to establish a robust market presence. BANULA aims to democratize electric vehicle charging, offering users a barrier-free and user-friendly experience. Users can charge their vehicles anywhere, anytime, under a single tariff, eliminating the reliance on roaming platforms or multiple charging cards.

Enpulse Challenge

– Business models in context with hydrogen



As part of the Enpulse Challenge, the potential of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source was explored. The participants had the task of presenting innovative business models in the hydrogen context, covering areas such as hydrogen production, storage and hydrogen-as-a-service.


Expanding Horizons and Shaping the Future

Hydrogen is a promising, sustainable energy carrier with a wide range of possible applications, from powering vehicles and heating homes to generating electricity. Above all, it can serve as a storage medium for surplus renewable energy and thus address key challenges in the renewable energy landscape.  As the hydrogen economy is still in its infancy, this challenge is an opportunity for visionaries to shape its path.

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EnBW Challenge

– Inspection of solar parks using drones


A technological journey with the EnBW Challenge: the participants were asked to create a concept for the ongoing inspection of solar parks using commercially available drones. The main aim was to achieve a high degree of automation, ensure constant availability and implement the solution economically.


Elevating Efficiency

A clear challenge was set at this year’s E-world: the inspection of solar parks is to be revolutionized through the strategic use of commercially available drones. The participants must develop a concept that not only ensures a thorough inspection process, but also prioritizes automation, constant availability and cost-effectiveness.

eFuel Alliance Challenge

– Objective comparison platform for different drive concepts

The eFuel Alliance called for a shift in transportation decision making by asking participants to create an unbiased comparison platform for different powertrain concepts that ensures a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons, efficiency and environmental impact of each concept.


Driving Sustainability

With the primary aim of empowering individuals to make informed decisions, the planned platform, which follows the Wikipedia principle, encourages collaborative contributions to a constantly evolving resource. The challenge was to address the current lack of a comprehensive comparison platform and emphasize the urgency of assessing the environmental impact of propulsion concepts and making sustainable choices in the face of pressing climate change and air pollution issues.


Mona Neubaur assumes patronage

We are very pleased to announce that the Minister for Economy, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia will take over the patronage of the 2023.

Great ideas — great results


After 3 inspiring days at the E-world, not only groundbreaking pitches were shown, but also the foundation for future collaborations was laid. We wish the winners Energy System Solutions (Enpulse), VerasChat (eFuel Alliance), decarbon1ze GmbH (TransnetBW) and DiAvEn UG (EnBW) every success and look forward to the results of future collaborations!



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