Recap of 5 great days at IAA MOBILITY

What a fantastic event! This year, once again took center stage at the IAA in Munich, bringing along exciting new partners and challenges.

We shared Hall B2 with various startups and industry giants like the Volkswagen Group and Opel. It was an inspiring environment that was noticeably in the midst of transformation.

Innovative entrepreneurship with sustainable and digital business models has created a dynamic atmosphere that reflects the evolving mobility industry.


Parliamentary State Secretary Daniela Kluckert as patron of the Mobilitython

We are pleased to introduce Parliamentary State Secretary Daniela Kluckert as patron of the Mobilitython. She is passionate about innovation and sustainable digital infrastructure to shape the future of mobility. Daniela Kluckert emphasizes the importance of the partnership between business and government to shape the mobility of tomorrow. She sees the integration of intelligent technologies such as smart grids and electromobility as the key to sustainable mobility design.

Impressive Pitches: Unveiling Tomorrow’s Innovations

At the heart of the IAA MOBILITY 2023 were the impressive pitches that left us in awe of the boundless potential within the mobility industry. These pitches weren’t just presentations; they were glimpses into the future of transportation and technology.

The BOSCH Mobility Challenge Highlights on day 2 showcased the incredible strides made in just two weeks. Startups presented working hardware and software prototypes for delivery robots equipped with radar and ultrasonic sensors. It was a testament to the power of innovation and rapid development.

Moving to the TÜV NORD GROUP Challenge on day 3, we were treated to a diverse array of captivating pitches. These pitches focused on smart inspections and the integration of TÜV NORD with car dealerships and garages. Innovative business models and interactive presentations were the order of the day, leaving the audience in anticipation.

In addition to the challenges, other startups were also given a stage. Every day, exciting ideas and already existing business models could be presented and thus brought closer to the public.
These are the Startups that presented their ideas at our booth:
Hive Power SA, Bareways, Connected Wise, Lumotive, VOITAS Innovations GmbH,, DriveX Technologies, brighter AI, HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH, Amplify Analytix, DeepVolt, Carbmee, Bramble Energy, Bako Motors, elbwire, AVES Reality, UZE, WALL-E GmbH, Tomorrow’s Motion GmbH, ExoMatter GmbH, UNIO Enterprise GmbH, Vueron Technology, Certivity, ChargeX, neitem – driving technology, werner krammel, motorsportmachines,, ONLOGIST GmbH, LiangDao GmbH


Events like IAA MOBILITY 2023 lay the foundation for future collaborations and partnerships. As participants, we had the privilege of exchanging ideas with professionals from different areas of the mobility industry, all driven by a common goal: Innovation.

In the bustling aisles and at our booth, conversations were sparked, ideas were exchanged, and business cards were passed around.

We were also very pleased to present our business to the parliamentary state secretary Daniela Kluckert and chat with her about changes in technology and mobility. Her approval of the importance of sustainable digital infrastructure further strengthens our mission.

We found ourselves surrounded by like-minded people, each with their own perspective on shaping the future of mobility. Whether it was a quick chat over a RedBull or a more in-depth discussion, each connection was a step towards a stronger, connected ecosystem.

We are grateful for this amazing networked which envolved around over the last 2 years and want to thank our partners for all the support we were able to experience in our journey so far.

Triumphs: Celebrating achievements and breakthroughs

Moments of recognition and validation for the tireless effort and innovative thinking that startups and industry players put into their projects finally paid off!

The BOSCH challenge

The stage was graced by startups such as sensmore, Connected Wise, Perciv AI, and many more! Each of them pushes the envelope of what’s possible in the automotive sector. The highlight of the BOSCH Challenge was undoubtedly the victory of DRAIVE, who presented the winning “Delivery Robot.” Both parties are more than excited and already negotiating contract possibilities.

The TÜV NORD challenge

Another triumph definitely was the AI-driven approach by Studicon, which was presented in the TÜV NORD Challenge. Congrats to Studicon, you secured a well-deserved victory. 

Among the competitors of the TÜV NORD Challenge was a clear head-to-head race with many innovative solutions. In fact, the TÜV decided to not only continue with the winning start up Studicon, but also wants to proceed with the ideas of DriveX and MMM Intelligence to integrate these into their business model. 

It’s not easy to present a new idea or solution to a critical audience, but those who dared were rewarded with applause and recognition.

As we say goodbye to IAA MOBILITY 2023, we take with us not only new connections and innovative ideas, but also the lasting memories that made this event truly remarkable.

Thank you to everyone who attended and shared their latest projects with us!



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