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Revolutionizing sustainability in the dairy industry

From the 19th to 22nd of March, Cologne hosted the ANUGA FoodTec 2024, an integral part of the DLG (German Agriculture Society), where industry leaders converged to explore the latest innovations and concepts in the international food and beverage sector. Amidst this gathering of minds, the notable GEA challenge was laid down by the, setting the stage for groundbreaking solutions in the industry.

THE highlight, of course, was to have GEA, a major player in dairy manufacturing, whose mission is to revolutionize the dairy industry by achieving to offer zero-freshwater solutions by 2030 to the served industries, on board as a challenge partner.

Facing our future

With freshwater scarcity looming as a significant global concern, the dairy sector faces mounting pressure to minimize its water footprint. Against this backdrop, the call for innovative approaches to sustainable production has never been more urgent.

The GEA challenge was clear: develop solutions that not only reduce freshwater consumption but also promote sustainable water management practices throughout the production cycle. All of these solutions needed to align with GEA’s vision for an environmentally conscious dairy industry, addressing areas of water stress and waste comprehensively.

Three standout solutions emerged as pre-finalists, each offering unique approaches to water management:

Solutions that matter

ENERGIENCY: Offering data-driven water management software equipped with specific KPIs, enabling operational teams to pinpoint water-intensive processes. Supported by advanced multilinear and AI models, ENERGIENCY’s solution promises precise insights for informed decision-making.

hydrop systems: Focused on transparency, hydrop systems presents smart sensors to measure water usage accurately, adhering to the mantra „if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.“ Their solution aims to empower businesses with actionable data for efficient water management.

OmegaLambdaTec: Introducing „aquarius,“ a solution featuring interactive water stress maps tailored for dairy plants. Offering report-ready tracking of freshwater, wastewater, and recycled water usage, OmegaLambdaTec’s innovation facilitates scenario comparisons to evaluate water-saving technologies effectively.

Prototyping for the GEA challenge

Ultimately, OmegaLambdaTec clinched the first prize, impressing the GEA jury with their comprehensive solution. However, the exceptional quality of all pitches prompted GEA to express interest in further collaboration with all finalist teams, signaling a promising future for sustainable innovation in the dairy industry.

Get to know more about GEA

ANUGA FoodTec 2024 served as a testament to the industry’s commitment to sustainability, showcasing innovative solutions poised to shape the future of food and beverage production. With best practices like the GEA challenge, the stage is set for continued collaboration and progress towards a more sustainable future.

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