Innovation Unleashed – EuroTier/ EnergyDecentral

The EuroTier and EnergyDecentral 2022, from November 15th to November 18th in Hanover, were the perfect mix to drive innovation in agriculture! From aspiring startups to global industry leaders – everyone showed off the best side here. Thanks to our collaboration with the German Agricultural Society (DLG), we as had a great booth on site.

Driving innovation in agriculture and energy

At the 2022, participants were challenged to develop solutions for specific problems posed by major players in the energy and agricultural sector. Whether working in teams or as individuals, the goal was clear – tackle real-world challenges and present innovative solutions.

TransnetBW challenge

– Energy System 2050

The challenge focused on the increasing demand for flexibility in the energy system due to the rise of renewable energy sources. Contestants were tasked with identifying and evaluating business cases for the provision of V2G services by private e-car owners. The results of this challenge would contribute to studies on-demand flexibility and the development of new flexibility products, providing valuable insights for TransnetBW.

Fraunhofer IGD challenge

– Optimize daylight harvesting systems

This challenge sought solutions to optimize daylight harvesting systems in chicken barns through computer vision. By determining the optimal use of daylight, participants were not only addressing energy efficiency but also considering the welfare of the animals. The winning solution would influence the development of new daylight harvesting systems, contributing to the well-being and health of poultry.

Ideas sprout, winners emerge

Congratulations to OmegaLambdaTec and VetVise for triumphing over challenges at EuroTier/ EnergyDecentral 2022. OmegaLambdaTec, experts in data science, impressed with their V2G services solution for TransnetBW, while VetVise showcased pioneering AI-driven animal welfare innovations for Fraunhofer IGD, promising positive changes in poultry farming. These victories mark not just recognition, but also highlight the transformative impact of their solutions on the future of energy and agriculture.

I/O Agri Tech Forum: Fostering Exclusive Networking

The event also saw the inception of the I/O Agri Tech Forum, an exclusive networking platform that brought together CTOs, CIOs, CDOs, and Heads of Innovations. This forum served as a crucible for the exchange of ideas and the formation of collaborations that could shape the future of agriculture and smart energy.


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