Enerthon 2021 2022

German transmission system operator TransnetBW took part in the Enerthon 2021. Their challenge was visualizing the complex process of ensuring system stability in the power grid in an easily understandable way. Collaborating with the winning team, they implemented the solution.
Their final conclusion on the developer sprint: a complete success!
Their challenge at 2022 revolved around business cases for the provision of vehicle-to-grid services by private e-car owners.

Developer sprints: Enerthon 2021, 2022

Results: Follow-up contract for winners CoVerified and OmegaLambdaTec

Conclusion on the Enerthon

Nina Römer

TransnetBW, Stakeholdermanagement DA/RE

We took part in the Enerthon 2021 with a challenge and had very good experiences with The event was held under the patronage of the German Energy Agency dena and brought us many new contacts.

Our challenge was the understandable visualization of the complex process of ensuring system stability in the power grid. has identified 10 startups with the right content for the competition that have developed working prototypes for our challenge. We still work with some of these companies today. We implemented the solution with the winning team and published it at The whole project was a complete success for TransnetBW and Netze BW.

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