Participation Agreement 


1. Expectations

What can you expect from us?

We create an exciting event for you with the opportunity to develop ideas and digital solutions that contribute to digitalization and innovation. We give you the opportunity to get a follow-up contract and a first step in the business world. During the event, you will also have the opportunity to connect with potential customers, accelerators and Start-Ups.

What do we expect from you?

This event is  a real business opportunity and not a simple pitch event where existing companies pitch their solutions (e.g. for investments etc.)! At this event, participants must develop solutions based on the addressed challenge and by using the provided information or data in the form of a working prototype, mockup or concept (depending on the individual requirement of each challenge). A challenge-specific performance must therefore be sufficiently presented. Already developed solutions can be submitted, but it must be recognizable that an achievement, e.g. by using the provided data, has been made to fulfill the challenges of this competition. Only on this basis is the prospect of a follow-up order by the challenge setting company. If this is not done, e.g. by simply presenting a company or investor deck, you will be excluded from this competition.
We have prepared a lot for you and ask you to participate in your challenge specific day, if possible onsite. We also ask you to participate in the virtual kickoff. We welcome motivated participants who think out of the box and work together as a team to find solutions that we may not have seen internally. We hope to see visionary solutions.

2. Intellectual Property

To ensure the competition conditions for all participants, it must be disclosed to the jury which part of the code has been developed with the challenge announcements at the event kickoff and which part has already been worked on in advance. IP will be owned by participating teams or mingled individuals to a team as a whole. It is not permitted to individually enhance and further develop the team solution for any purpose. Through challenge participation, the challenge-setting company receives a simple right of use. This means that the challenge-setting company can freely use the resulting ideas, but the talents may also continue to use their ideas.

3. Privacy Policy

The data provided will only be used for the application of the event. I understand that I have no legal right to participate in the event or reimbursement of any costs in case of cancellation. I and my team will pay for our own travel to and from the event, as well as for our own accommodation, unless we decide to participate only virtually.

4. Right to one’s own image

Part of the general right of personality is also the so-called „right to one’s own image“. Images, i.e. photographs and videos, will be taken during this event in which people are recognizably depicted. These may only be used with the consent of the person depicted. By agreeing below, I hereby confirm that I consent to the use of the images and videos for further marketing purposes, also by third parties.

5. Team formation and challenge selection

If you have applied as a team, we guarantee that you will be able to participate in the competition together (max. team size of 5 people). Please make sure every team member applies for the event. Team applications will be accepted or rejected collectively.