Participation at
IAA Mobilitython 2022

The IAA Mobiltython will be hybrid:

  • The Mobilitython is a hybrid event.

  • Registration is completely free!

  • The Mobilitython will start virtually on 09.09.2022. From 20.09. to 23.09.2022 you can (!) continue physically free of charge to the IAA Transportation Summit at our booth.

  • You can still apply after 09.09.2022, but of course your working time will be shortened then: Finals will be at the 23th of September 2022 on the IAA Stage.

  • 10 teams of five people each may participate, whereby - depending on the respective regulations - at least 3 members per team will be granted free access to the IAA Mobilitython (on-site).

  • Teams can also participate completely virtually.

  • Communication with other team members and other participating teams will take place in a separate infrastructure via the network (off-site).

#mobilitython - The Challenges


Improvement of image recognition for the detection of vehicles for the Lower Saxony test field, in particular along the A39. For this purpose, image recognition software for real-time detection of vehicles is to be adapted or developed. The image recognition software should precisely recognise and localise the detected objects.


Develop innovative data-based business models in the mobility context, based on the Switchboard API (PV forecast, green power index, Mercedes charging data) or with other data.

Die Autobahn-Challenge

If geolocation and vehicle data are known in real time (e.g. floating car data from toll OBUs, tachography, etc.), can e.g. forecast for traffic jam or road conditions be made even more accurately if several vehicles brake or suddenly switch on the windshield wiper at the same time in the same place?